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Examples of Poor Restorations:

Here are some examples of poor restorations by other clock repairman and clock owners.  These rotor would have likely had long lives if proper rebuild/restoration techniques were used. Telechron clocks will likely live on for decades/centuries but their rotors need professional restoration.  The rotor parts damaged in these restoration attempts are not replaceable except from other "organ donors".

Bad aim!!

Notice the mushroomed drill hole binding the gear:

Drill bit took out a chunk of gear:

There's another poor repair practice which uses a hole closing punch to tighten up worn bushings.  This is a short lived repair.  The proper repair practice is to replace the bushing with a high quality KWM or Bergeon bronze bushing then use a cutting broach followed by and smoothing broach to achieve a perfect clearance fit with the pivots.  (proper clearance fit is absolutely critical for these high RPM rotors).  A properly done re-bushing is as good or even better then new.

Apparently this repair person couldn't figure out how to properly bush a rotor so made a piece of brass to stabilize the worn bushing surrounding the inner pinion gear.

I don't slice open rotors to remove and rebuild the gear trains.  It shortens the critical length of the case and makes any future rebuilds much more difficult.  It looks like this repair person had to use a pound of solder to patch these rotor halves back together.

Someone stuffed a piece of wire into this badly worn bushing!!