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This site is dedicated to the Telechron Electric Clock Motor. The heart of the motor was the Telechron rotor assembly which was used to power many GE, Telechron, Revere and Herschede electric clocks along with numerous other timing applications.


Telechron motors powered numerous timekeeping applications starting in 1917.  These rotors were the invention of Henry Warren and were a breakthrough in timekeeping technology.

Telechron rotors spin at 3600 RPM and reduction gearing brings them down to reduced output speeds such as 1, 3.6, 30 and 60 RPM. Magnetic induction from the rotor's coil keeps them synchronized to  the electric power grid. (Ex: 60Hz North America, 50Hz Europe). The Warren rotor design also provided for self lubrication via capillary action.  They are amazing little machines.

Here's an early cutaway engineering prototype of a Telechron B style clock rotor.  This rotor came to me from the family of Mr. Henry Warren:

These rotors are very high quality/precision machines that can run 24/7 at 3600 RPM and last for many decades but they do need occasional service just like any other mechanical device. They are sealed units and were never intended to be serviced. I have a process for rebuilding them to give them many years/decades of added life.

Telechron rotors are no longer manufactured and there are no aftermarket sources. I'm dedicated to helping clock owners keep their wonderful clocks and timekeeping machines operating by providing a high quality source of original Telechron rotors.  (Originally made in the USA, professionally restored in the USA)

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*********A few examples of early clocks powered by Telechron Motors*********